The over-all goal of the Lakeway Estates POA is to help maintain our neighborhood and keep it a beautiful and enjoyable place to live. The property restrictions apply to all residents and were written to ensure that our property values are maintained.

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The Frequently Asked Questions page hosts common questions that may be helpful to current Lakeway Estates property owners, as well as new residents. The intent is to present useful information to keep the home owners informed about the property restrictions, By-Laws and what’s happening in general around the community.

Architecture Advisory Committee

  1. What’s the purpose of the AAC?
    To assure that construction within the Lakeway Estates Subdivision conforms to published standards and restrictions.
  2. I got a permit from the City of Tool/Tarrant Regional Water District, why do I also need AAC approval?
    The Lakeway Estates Property Owners Association is required to assure that homeowners are in compliance with all governing documents and restrictions applicable to our association. For example, the City of Tool’s roofing materials is less stringent then what’s published in our POA Property Restrictions document.
  3. Can the AAC tell me what I can or cannot build on my property?
    Lakeway Estates is a subdivision of Tool, Texas. Therefore, the Ordinances of the City of Tool/Tarrant Regional Water District take precedence.
  4. My property was surveyed years ago. Will I need a new survey to apply for a permit?
    You will need an accurate plot plan drawn to scale showing the shape and dimensions of the lot as confirmed by a recent survey by a qualified surveyor who has left stakes in place on the grounds to identify lot lines. In addition, all existing and proposed buildings are to be accurately sized and located on the plan (Sec 20-2).
  5. Can I submit my request directly to the Lakeway Estates Property Owners Association Board of Directors?
    Yes. The AAC serves at the pleasure of the BOD, takes its instructions from the BOD and reports back to it when it has completed its work. The AAC does not operate independently of the BOD, and all final decisions relating to building compliance within Lakeway Estates comes from the BOD.
  6. I submitted a request over 30 days ago, can I proceed with my project?
    Yes, however it is the sole responsibility of the applicant to provide proof that a completed request was received and to ensure that all appropriate permits are obtained. Lakeway Estates Subdivision shall complete its assessment and render its report as expeditiously as possible, but under no circumstances shall this process take more than thirty (30) days from the time of receipt of the necessary information. If the Lakeway Estates Property Owners Association has not responded by the end of this time, the owner/builder may assume that the project has been approved and may thus proceed with construction.
  7. Is there a time frame in which I need to complete my project?
    Yes. All structures shall be completed within 180 days after construction thereof is started.
  8. The AAC denied my request can I appeal this decision?
    Yes. Appeals must be submitted to the Lakeway Estates Property Owners Association Board of Directors.
  9. The Board of Directors denied my appeal what recourse do I have now?
    If the property owner cannot accept the decision of the Board of Directors, he or she may appeal the decision directly before the members of the Lakeway Estates Property Owners Association at a special called meeting, or at any scheduled meeting at which the issue has been properly advertised in advance.
  10. Can a property owner attend a meeting of the AAC?
    No. AAC meetings are closed sessions due to matters involving invasion of privacy of individual owners, confidentiality, and enforcement actions.
  11. What could happen if permits and/or Lakeway Estates POA approval is not obtained?
    Failure to obtain the proper approvals and/or permits may result in an action to remove the structure or item not in compliance with the Lakeway Estates POA restrictions.
  12. What do I need to submit to AAC for approval?
    Along with the completed Architectural Advisory Request Form, you should also submit any supporting materials including: brochures, blue prints, site plans, elevation drawings, sketches (with dimensional information), etc. which will best describe your proposal.
  13. Where can I find the Lakeway Estates Deed Restrictions, Bylaws, City of Tool Ordinances, and Tarrant Regional Water District Guidelines?
    Links to the current versions of these documents are available on the POA website. If you need a printed copy, please contact any board member.
Meet the Board
President David Moses
1st Vice President Shane Stearman
2nd Vice President Beth Maisak
Secretary Julie Spanos
Treasurer O. W.
3 Year Director Glenda Rushing
2 Year Director Robert Stykes
1 Year Director Sean Self
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